Thank You Notes of Gratitude

Thank you

In the beginning, God used words to make way for life.

With the words, the Creator flooded the darkness with light; with words, God spoke, and the world was made.

In His design, and from the beginning of time, He created our world to be a place where words have power. We are made in His image and although we are only His reflection and the power of our words are a reflection of His, we have been created with the ability to use our words to bless others.

The words of Christ bring hope. The words of grace bring light. The words of love bring healing. Words of encouragement lift and strengthen.

Although words are powerful, we often do not care how we use them; It is not like this? Perhaps in part, because the words are free and available to us, we end up using them casually, forgetting their power and not remembering that we can use them for the good of others.

There are many ways we can use our words to bless, one of these: write a thank you note (simple but thoughtful).

It is good that we express our thanks to others, too, but there is a quality that endures in the written word -visible, concrete, intentional that sometimes makes a thank you note have more power than the spoken word.

In my own life, God has often used the simple words of a brother or sister in Christ to encourage me on the path of faith. And when I read the words of others, and they strengthen me. They lead me to stop, reflect and write words of love and gratitude to someone else. Gratitude tends to generate more gratitude.

Yes, words matter. They have power. And there are people we should thank, people who have loved, served and blessed us. Have we taken the time to thank them? Have we encouraged him in his work?

When we read the New Testament letters written by the apostle Paul to his brothers and sisters in Christ, we see a man who writes not only words of exhortation and conviction, but also words of affirmation and encouragement. Should not we do the same?

10 Reasons to Write a Thank You Note

1. Because God often uses the words of His people to encourage His people.
2. Because there are people in our lives to whom we should thank.
3. Because written words of thanks are powerful and not easily forgotten.
4. Because the words of gratitude cultivate grateful hearts.
5. Because maybe you're the only one giving thanks to that person.
6. Because writing words of gratitude is not difficult or time consuming.
7. Because a written thank-you note often shows more intentionality and care than a spoken word.
8. Because being grateful develops in us, eyes that see the grace of God in the lives of others.
9. Because even the simplest words of affirmation or thanksgiving can stimulate a brother or sister in their walk in faith.
10. Because we must love each other, and a written note of gratitude is a simple but powerful way to show love.

It does not need to be poetic or effusive. It can be something like this: "I thank God for your life. I love you. Your faith and fidelity serve me as encouragement. "

Those simple words of affirmation and gratitude could be those that your pastor, your mother, your father, your husband, your son, your daughter, your pastor's wife, your friend need to hear.

Is there someone you should write to him today?