Fitness Gifts Under $50

Fitness Gifts.jpg

Orthoease - This stuff is a lifesaver after grueling workouts that leave my muscles sore. I usually use this on my neck and legs and it start working instantly. Best of all its all natural!

Fat Gripz - These are great if you are trying to improve your grip strength or need extra cushion on the bar to help it not hurt your hands. By expanding the diameter of the grip it allows you to engage more muscle groups increasing arm and grip strength. 

Wireless headphones - Say no to cords! I got wireless headphones two years ago and they were the Beats headphones but sadly I lost them. I did not want to replace them with another pair of Beats so I opted for a less expensive pair. I have to say they have been great. The best part is they are under $25, so if I lose them it won't hurt so bad. 

Aminowise - Recovery is vital after breaking down your muscles working out. I drink this after my workout to help with hydration and recovery. There are no sugars, preservatives, synthetic colors or flavors. 

Sling Shot Hip CircleI use this band to help me warm up before a leg day. I use this around my thighs and do squats helping activate my gluten and hip flexors. You can also wear in when you do weighted squats to help you keep your knees out when you are at the bottom of the squat position. You can use plastic resistance bands as well, but I've found them harder to stay in place thus my preference for Sling Shot Hip Circle. 

Nutrition Label Food Scale - This product is a scale and nutritional calculator all in one. Making your food prep easier and painless. It has over 2,000 food items already programmed. If you are not meeting you fitness goals you should make sure your nutrition is correct and this product will help you evaluate your diet. 

Medicine BallThis is a simple product but its oh so effective at improving your explosive strength and rotational core strength. Its a versatile tool for doing moves such as wall throws, ball slams, standing rotational throws, chest press, and so much more. 

Perfect Pushup - Take your push-ups to the next level and protect your wrists from pain. You can do regular push-ups on this or you can choose to rotate and make them harder. It also gives you a greater depth on the down position of your push-up. Not all as seen on t.v. products are a bust. 

Balega no-show socks Finding comfortable socks that are the right thickness can be tricky. I have found many socks to be too think are too thick. This sock has been my go-to-sock because it has the right amount of support without it being too thick. I also like that its higher in the heel to protect my heel from getting a blister after running. 

Resistance bands - Life gets busy and you will not always be able to go to the gym. Having a set of resistance bands is perfect for those occasions and also when you travel you can easily put them in your suitcase without adding much weight. There are endless exercises you can do to work out your entire body. These should be in everyone's home. 

Sandbag - If you're not into traditional weight training with dumbbells than you should try working out with a sandbag as there are endless functional challenging exercises to get you fit without high impact on your joints. The sandbag allows you to mimic many movements you already do but with added weight. 

Hydroflask water bottle - Throw out your plastic bottles that sweat when you put cold liquids in it or smell over time. This stainless steel water does not sweat and keeps ice in it all day. You can also add a lid that has a straw making less of a hassle than screwing off the handle. 

Lavender neck warmer - I received this as a gift a few years ago and its something that I would not have purchased myself, but I'm thankful to have it. Its like having the spa at home. I just pop in to the microwave and place on my neck while I enjoy a cup of coffee and relax.