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Until relatively recently, the garments reserved for the practice of any sports routine were destined exclusively to that; but then came the Alexander Wang revolution, clubbing clothes, Beyoncé's sport collection for Topshop and Puma's new creative direction by Rihanna. If we mix all these elements with a little 'Angelina' aesthetic, and the looks of the celebs to attend their yoga classes and baseball caps, then we get a new and unbeatable trend, a revolution intended to conquer the fashion industry; in other words: Athleisure.

We just have to remember and analyze with the perspective with the words of Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, when he said that "leggings are the new denim." In early 2014, the industry's most innovative talents, such as Riccardo Tisci and Wang himself, spotted the new way of understanding and dressing sportswear. The trend took over and became, by extension, a mass phenomenon.

But why athleisure? Why has everyone started using this term without any control? As if we were in the Latin class, the idea is to go to the root of the two words that make up this impossible pronunciation term: athletic and leisure. In reality, their meanings are opposite, but through this union formed by the fashion industry.

It was never so trendy to wear yoga clothes at work or on the dance floor on a Saturday night either; because there is no longer any reason to feel guilty when you walk down the street dressed in your favorite cap, sweatshirt and the most comfortable sneakers in the universe. Now sport is cool. Thank you, athleisure!



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Unless you are a Shalane Flanagan, who is already an expert in the world of running buying running shoes will be a challenge for you.  This is due to the variety on the market, and that is directly related to the multiplication of professional runners (or at least they want to look like it).

Although there is an extensive guide on the types of sneakers according to the different styles and objectives of running they must have two general specifications: that they have flexible soles and are light, that is to say not very heavy. The ideal is that they allow a natural movement and have supportive cushioning.

Examples: The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 with a perfect fit and reactive damping. The Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged offers greater momentum, stability, and flexibility. The Mizuno Synchro MD, ideal for novice runners and suitable for a multitude of sports activities within the gym. And the famous Asics Gel Noosa Tri, are stable and very light.




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It is now fashionable to practice functional training as well as cross-training, which combine different forms of exercise that work for different muscle groups. It is a very versatile type of training and therefore requires specific sneakers in which good cushioning, grip, grip and stability are crucial. Also, the lovers of Crossfit will need shoes that they can run short distances, had good grip, be able to deadlift, and box jumps. 

Examples: The Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0, with new anatomical design and ideal for giving everything inside and outside the box, and the Adidas Arianna Cloudfoam, the most versatile model to practice a multitude of disciplines. Also, the Nike Metcon gives you the versatility you need for cross-training or Crossfit.




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The most important thing when it comes to choosing shoes for dance classes such as Les Mills Zumba or Body Jam is in the sole. The sold should allow the foot to slip to avoid injuries such as knees. It is easy to identify them because they are flexible, quite smooth and with the characteristic circle that allows you to make all the movements without complications. There are many types but especially trendy are the boot type.

Examples: Reebok Pump Izarre with half carbon foam soles and Zumba Street Fresh to fill your fitness routines with color and energy.




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Sports walking shoes must meet these characteristics to avoid foot pain:

The sole must be thick enough not to wear out over miles, nor cause pain when walking on uneven surfaces (stones, loose soil, etc.). The shoes must be of the appropriate size. It is advisable that you check your size and a top and bottom when you go to buy it, to compare the comfort. It is recommended to try them after walking for about 20 or 30 minutes. The big toe should not touch the shoe, and the other fingers must have some mobility. The seams of the shoe should be of some material flexible and soft, not rigid (avoiding the pain in the scrapes).



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