8 Workout Tips

8 Tips to Work Out.jpg

Working out is hard work, even before hitting the gym. Your best intentions of setting an early alarm or packing your workout clothes won't be enough to get you motivated. The reality is that not every work out will be amazing or fun. Before hitting snooze remember it is called a work out for a reason, you gotta work to see results.

Sometimes you may find yourself skipping an occasional workout; and that is fine. In fact, your body may be asking for the foam roller and more recovery time. Just don't make that a daily habit. 


1. Write down your goal and look at it often. Write down your current stats and goals. Having a benchmark will allow you to see your progress. Small progress is still progress, and you must celebrate those victories. I would also suggest taking a before photo; you will be amazed at the visual changes you can see even if the scale has only budged slightly. 

2. Create a buddy system even if you all do not workout together. Create a group to chat with and check-in daily, tell them what your workout for the day was and any victories or struggles you've had. Having someone in your corner will help you when you're feeling discouraged. 

3. Plan your workout schedule in advance. On Sunday check your schedule to see what your week will be like and set a time for your workouts. If you have a dinner date Thursday, alter your workout schedule to take that into consideration but also still sticking to your workout plan. 

4. Create a playlist that pumps you up. Change it often to keep it fresh. Put music that will put a little oomph in your step and make you smile. A good attitude will come a long way on those grueling gym sessions. 

5. Tailor your workout to fit your mood. Let's say today I was scheduled to do a leg workout, but I'm still really sore or just not in the mood for such an intense workout, I can switch it up and do an upper body and ab workout. In doing this I stay on track with getting a workout in for the day. These small victories will increase the chances of staying the course. 

6. Consider a morning workout as a way to set your day in the right direction. For me working out in the morning makes for a very productive day in other areas of my life. The workout energizes me for the rest of the day and gives me mental clarity. I end up having a more purposeful day and best of all a better mood. Thanks, endorphins. 

7. Following a program to help you to stay on track. Get a 6 or 12-week program and follow it to give you structure. Without having a plan, you will waste time deciding what to do for your workout. I see many people spending time at the gym doing a few machines and then leaving because they did not have a plan to follow. But in their eyes they worked out, but let's be honest they hardly workout and are no closer to their weight-loss goals. 

8. Hire a trainer from time to time to keep you accountable. Having a trainer for all your workouts can get very expensive, but you may consider seeing a trainer once a month, this can give you the challenge you need to stay the course. They can correct your form and give you tips on how to freshen up some of your workouts to keep it fun.