Find Time to Workout

Tips For Consistency 

Time to Work out.jpg

Working out consistently can be a tough feat. Sticking to an exercise regimen can be a struggle for anyone, but for moms getting a workout can be mission impossible. We have children following us all around, not evening allowing us private time while we go to the bathroom! 

1. First Things First - it's easy to let the day rule by enabling you to put off that workout you intended to do. When I workout first thing in the morning, I feel more energized throughout the day and one step closer to my fitness goals. It also puts me in a good mindset to eat well after doing all that hard work. 

2. Block It Out - set your workout time in your calendar. Sounds simple but just like all your other things that must get done, treat your workout the same. 

3. Include your kids - kids love to be with you so its only natural they will want to join in on the fun. My kids (who are still small) will workout with my by doing jumping jack, pushups and they even have 2-pound weights they like to use. 

4. Make the park your workout - kids need to burn off all the energy that you don't have. Maximize your time and get in a workout while they play. You can do incline pushups, triceps dips, step-ups and even do pull-ups. 

5. Be a ninja - Sometimes you just have to sneak in a workout. You can do push-ups off the kitchen counter or even jumping jacks while cooking. A ninja must be a stealth when working out. 

6. Audit your schedule - Take a hard look at your schedule to see where you can squeeze in a workout or better yet rearrange your schedule to make time for your daily workout. Most of us have time that gets sucked by scrolling through social media, take that time back and get healthy.

7. Make any space a home gym - drop a yoga mat anywhere in your house and bam you have a home gym. Resistance bands take up little space and give you the ability to get a whole body workout. 
8. Build an accountability crew - have a group text/call with a small group of friends to help you all stay on track and encouraged on your fitness journey. 

Stop with the excuses and make it happen, you can do it.