Quick & Easy Meal Plans

Tips to Help You Succeed

Easy Meal Plans.jpg

Have your meal plan with you when you're at the grocery store. 
Make it Easy (I mean super easy!)

1. Planning out your week, and put it in writing. 

If your schedule allows plan on Saturday or Sunday, look at our schedule for the week and make a meal plan for what your family will be eating that week. If you are not eating at home one night for some reason, make a note of that too. I shop twice a week because I like to buy fresh produce and we go through it pretty quickly in our home of five! I usually plan out meals for Monday through Thursday, and then Friday through Sunday. You can also stick to shopping once a week and have only one grocery store outing. If you plan well, you can use leftovers, and can probably get away with cooking every other night. 

2. Make a shopping list.
Use your meal plan to help you make your shopping list. Check with items you already have at home. As you continue eating healthy, you will find you will build your stock of healthy pantry staples. 

3. Get Cooking!
Prep work is vital to successful weeknight cooking. It's best to do the prep work on the weekend, so you have less to do during the weeknight evening rushes. I recommend that you do four things: roast a huge pan of vegetables, make a large pot of grains (brown rice or quinoa), cook your proteins and wash and chop produce. Use clear storage containers, so you can easily see what food you have available. I also suggest you cook double batches of things you can use as leftovers so you can use them through the week. Who doesn't like to cook once and eat twice?

Consider using frozen vegetables if that's easiest for you. Weekday cooking needs to be simple and not complicated. 

Note: Cook one meal each night. I'm guilty of making a meal for my kids, another meal for my husband and finally a meal for me. Talk about exhausting.  

4. Lastly, sit down and enjoy your meal, preferably as a family.