Anti-Social Homeschooler?

Anti Social Homeschooler.jpg

Many homeschoolers have had success, but some critics continue to challenge them on the lack of socialization or isolation from the world. They think homeschoolers believe that they are not learning to live in the "real world." 

The reality is that homeschoolers are well equipt for the “real world” of the workplace and the home. They regularly interact with adults and follow their examples rather than the examples of their peers. They learn in all aspects of life at home, the grocery store, etc. They have real world interactions daily and are not missing out on public schools unhealthy peer pressure, crime, and immorality. Homeschooling does not mean you need to keep your child in a bubble. 

Contrary to what people may think, homeschool students are not chained to the kitchen table doing non-stop work. It's quite the opposite; they have more time to be out in the real world, with people of various ages. There are many ways to overcome the potential "isolation" through involvement in extracurricular activities. Activities such as sports, church events, and homeschool co-op groups. 

At the end of the day, having the ability to interact and socialize with others starts in your home. Regardless if your child is in private, public or homeschool.