12 Tips to Get Fit

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I’m not a big fan of dieting or fad diets— it brings up images of hunger and deprivation — I do believe in trying to eat a healthy diet.

Just like everything, it's harder than one would like to admit. The balanced diet goes out the window around the holidays, or when you are running around with kiddos, and in desperation, you choose to eat fast food. There are many ways to get off a diet trust me I know this from experience. 

And there are just as many ways to stick to your healthy diet.

I’m not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. I often will give in to temptations. I've tried all kinds of approaches, but what has stuck with me the most is eating a balanced diet. I make mistakes and sometimes you may catch me take a big bite out of a cinnamon roll!  I no longer allow my mistakes dictate my next meal decision. I leave that decision in the past and make a better decision for my next meal.


1Know your motivation. If you are just striving to look good then the chances you will fall off the wagon is increased. You have to have a deep seeded reason why you want to eat healthy and workout. For me, vanity does play a role but most of all eating healthy and working out helps me stay energized and have the stamina to raise my 3 little ones. As soon as I start eating junk food or not working out my overall mood is affected and I become lethargic. Eating healthy is my fuel to staying alert and enjoying life to the fullest. 

2Take it in gradual steps. If you have a breakfast burrito every morning and drink 5 sodas a day on the regular, cutting all that from day to the next is a recipe for disaster. This sort of change would be too dramatic and frankly too hard for you to do more than a week.  Your body would be in shock from the modification. Instead of 5 sodas a day for your first week bring it down to 4 sodas a day. Continue to make small changes, and you will soon find yourself not having soda. 

3Don’t be drastic.  Don’t do anything drastic. Don't omit carbs, or whole food groups. You will soon find yourself craving for what you just took out of your diet. Just as mentioned above little changes over time will help you stay the course. 

4Choose foods you love. Find the foods you love that are healthy. This will allow you to stick with the diet much longer. I can recall a time I was eating a huge I mean huge portions of veggies. I'm talking about a large plate full of broccoli. It was so much that it took me 20 minutes to eat just the veggies. Well, that did not last very long, and it took me a while to enjoy veggies again. Learn from my mistake and eat foods you like. I many times find myself eating the same foods again and again, to some that may be boring, but for me, it keeps things simple and helps me stay on track. And best of all I do enjoy what I'm eating which is vital to success. 

5Pack food. When packing food for your kiddos do the same for yourself, and you will have a better chance at warding off temptation. Every time I've fallen off the wagon many times, it is due to lack of preparation. Those who fail to prepare, plan to fail, can I get an Amen to that?!

6Eat before you go to an event. I do this before social events. Eating before an event allows me not to give in to the tasty but naughty food at dinner parties. I also drink lots of water to help me stay full and doing something with my hands. I find people in social settings will just eat because others are eating as well. 

7Don’t get hungry. We all know when hunger rolls around all level headed thinking goes out the door. When hunger in heightened your desperation for fat filled food is through the roof. I know this from experience...my children do not want to see me get hangry! 

8Choose healthy when you eat out. If you know, you will be eating out, take a look at the menu beforehand, so you have time to look for the healthiest option. If can not do that, remember that just because a healthy option is not on the menu does not mean you can not request a chicken breast or some other protein with a side of grilled veggies or some variation of this type of meal. You are in control of your food choices, not the other way around. 

9Indulge in little bits. Eating healthy does not mean deprivation. I enjoy cake at the children's parties I attend. But I do it occasionally and not every day. I also do it in moderation. Doing this avoids me overeating of my favorite foods. 

10Eat small portions when you go out. Eat half of the portion size that they serve you at a restaurant. I like to split my meal right when they send it out to me. I will put half in a to-go-box and eat the rest. I always feel satisfied and not stuffed when I do this. Give a try and let me know if this works for you. 

11Don’t starve yourself!  — Don't eat so little that you’re starving. For most women, don’t go below 1,200 calories a day, for women and men don't go below 1,500 calories. You want to cut a moderate amount of calories from your diet — if you starve yourself, muscle will be lost, and you’ll end up falling off the diet eventually.

12. If you indulge, burn it off. Sometimes with all your effort you will cave in. Like I said earlier, do not beat yourself up go for a run or a weight training session and you will feel better and most likely will make a better decision for your next meal.